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Our COVID-19 Measures and Precautions

Here is a partial list of measures and precautions we are implementing to protect against COVID-19.

• At this time, we have restricted visitation. Only essential health care providers and end-of-life visitors are permitted to enter the facility. All health care providers and end-of-life visitors and are required to complete a COVID-19 symptom questionnaire, have temperature and pulse oxygens checked, wear appropriate personal protection equipment, and wash hands prior to entering resident area.


• All pick-ups and deliveries are made to drop off bins in the front lobby including laundry pick-ups by families of Senior Living residents.


​• Families are encouraged to schedule "window visits" with loved ones. 


• New resident candidates may tour the facility virtually. Please contact our Director of Admissions to arrange a virtual tour.

• All new residents are required to be tested 48 hours prior to being admitted. Newly admitted residents will be asked to quarantine in their room for 14 days.

• Staff have temperatures and pulse oxygens checked before each shift; staff who show symptoms or an elevated temperature are sent home immediately and required to be tested. After testing staff may return based on guidance from their primary care physician.

• Temperatures and pulse oxygens are checked for every resident twice a day. A resient’s primary care physician is notified immediately if a resident displays symptoms; a resident is treated as positive until testing is completed and results are negative.

• If a resident shows symptoms and tests positive, all staff wear appropriate personal protective equipment (gowns, masks, face shield, gloves) when care is provided.


• If a resident is quarantined, all meals are served in their room using disposable plates, utensils, etc.

• The local health department is notified if a resident or associate tests positive; they will determine what further protocols are to be implemented, if any.


• A resident who has symptoms or tests positive will remain in the community (quarantined in their room) as long as they do not have respiratory distress or other health related complications.

• All effort is made to encourage residents to dine apart from each other during meal time. Meal times may be staggered to reduce total residents occupancy in the dining area.

• Outside entertainment, outings, etc. have been suspended until further notice. 


We continue to follow guidance daily from PA Dept of Health and CDC. The health and well-being of our residents and staff will always be our top priority.

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