• Residents who leave the facility for less than 24 hours will not be required to quarantine upon return to the facility.

  • Residents who leave the facility for more than 24 hours will not be required to quarantine upon readmission to the facility.

  • All residents leaving the facility must be reported to the Director of Resident Care, Jolyn Church, at 610-829-0100 or jolync@abingtonmnor.com prior to their departure and signed out in the lobby.



ALL parties, both visitors and residents, must continue to properly wear masks and hand sanitize for the duration of the visitation. Temperature and health screening will continue to take place.

  • ALL visitation will continue to take place by appointment only. No drop by visits will be accommodated. Please arrange for your visitation through Robin Rindos/Activities Director Senior Living at 610-829-0100 or robinr@abingtonmanor.com

  • Non fully vaccinated visitors (up to 3 visitors) can continue to arrange Sunroom visits.

  • Visits for residents in double occupancy rooms will be required to arrange Sunroom visits.

  • Visitors that include children under the age of 18 can continue to schedule Sunroom visits.

  • Sunroom visitations will continue to be offered on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 9:30am-5pm. Visitation check-in will continue at the sunroom entrance.

  • Fully vaccinated visitors over the age of 18 (up to 2 visitors) may visit in a resident’s room for up to 3 hours between the hours of 9am-5pm daily. Both resident and visitors must remain masked at all times in the room.

  • Fully vaccinated visitors who have an appointment to visit in a resident room may check-in at the main office.

  • Room visitors must report directly to the resident’s room and stay there for the duration of the visit. Absolutely no visitors in common areas such as lounges, activity rooms, dining room, etc.…

If you need assistance with something during your visit, please ring the resident’s pendant and wait inside the room for assistance.

Thank you for your continued patience and support during the last year and a half of this pandemic.